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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Home Health Care?
A. Home care is a wide range of health and social services delivered at home to persons recovering from an illness or injury, or persons who are disabled and /or chronically ill. Agencies who deliver such care are generally known as “home health agencies.”

Q. Do I Qualify for Home Health Services from Soft Touch Home Care?
A. To qualify for home health care, you must be homebound, have a doctor’s orders (which we can obtain), and require the services of a skilled caregiver, such as a skilled nurse or a physical therapist.

Q. What Services does Soft Touch Home Care offer?
A. Soft Touch Home Care offers a variety of services through their Home Care Program including: Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapy–Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Certified Home Health Aides, and Medical Social Workers. We also have a variety of Special Programs -Psychiatric Program, Diabetic Program, CHF Program and Wound care Program –that cater to particular needs. Please visit our Services page for more information.

Q. Who Pays for the Services?
A. Soft Touch Home Care accepts payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurances.

Q. Does Medicare cover home health care?
A. Medicare covers Skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work and home health aide services provided in the patient’s home when the patient meets certain homebound criteria. Additionally, certain supplies and equipment are also covered by the Medicare home health benefit. When Medically appropriate Medicare covers 100% of home health services.

Q. How Do I Go About Getting Home Health Care Services?
A. Today, it could not be simpler for us to start helping you. All you have to do is call. One phone call to our Referral Line will have you on your way to quality home care at its best. Call (210) 433-0555.